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Women's Transformational Weekend

A 12-hour journey with fellow accomplished female leaders who have dreams and ideals and are willing to help others realize their true selves, explore relevant, crucial topics that are rarely given the opportunity to explore in depth. Here you can share freely and deeply in a relaxed environment. After this special weekend, you will not only be inspired, empowered but also be equipped with practical tools to enrich yourself and the community you serve.

Topics to Explore:

  • Her Story – Listen to each other’s life stories with curiosity and deep respect to experience true community which is sorely lacking in today’s digital world
  • Her Mind -- Understand the five levels of “knowing”, how women receive and process information, make independent judgments, be a woman who not only pay attention to beauty on the outside but also wisdom on the inside.
  • Her World – Transform honest questions into powerful forces by understanding women's unique experiences, both personal and collective
  • Her Worth – "A woman's biggest weakness is not knowing her strengths (and values)", do you agree? Knowing that many women's suffering stems from not knowing their own worth, we will look at this important subject in depth
  • Her Connection – Relationship could bring women tremendous joy and also immense sorrow. What are the keys to true happiness here?
  • Her State – How to experience the unshakable kingdom that is within us? How to be able to instantly shift our state from agitation to equanimity in a heartbeat?

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  • 女人的故事--透過述說和聆聽彼此的生命故事來經歷人心底所渴求真正群體之間的共融契合
  • 女人的世界--透過明白女人獨特的經歷(包括個人和整體性),將誠實的疑問轉化成強大的力量
  • 女人的認知--明白女人如何接收資訊,分辨真假對錯,從而作出獨立自主的判斷,而非人云亦云,做個真正秀外慧中的女人
  • 女人的價值--“女人最大的弱點就是不知道自己的強處(和價值)”,你同意這句話嗎?可知許多女人的痛苦源於不曉得自己的價值,我們將作深入分析和探討
  • 女人的關係--生命中的她與他,為何最深的渴求往往帶來最深的傷害?如何找到擁有美滿關係的鑰匙
  • 女人的狀態--如何能在一瞬間經歷那不能震動的國,以致能從任何情緒返回那“最佳狀態”               

WTW Pilot 1 (Mandarin)

March 2022

Women's Transformational Weekend

WTW Pilot 2 (Cantonese)

May 2022


WTW Founding Member

I really admire your dedication & drive to bring forth such an important & transformational topic, empowering & encouraging us to live life to the fullest. The retreat has far exceeded my expectations. Your dynamic leadership & empowering presence really inspired me. Each session was well thought out, yielding many important discoveries over all the major issues that women face today. I am also thankful for how you created such an open & trusting platform for all the ladies to share and discuss truthfully & freely without fears and worries. The WTW has really been a big blessing to me. May more women have a chance to experience this transformation, growth & community.


WTW Founding Member

In this 12-hour period, the first is that your 'being' is very touching, and the strength of tenacity and enthusiasm flows from the inside out. Secondly, in the sharing of each topic, there are many new ways of thinking and viewpoints that break my inherent cognition and limitations. And the atmosphere of the whole session is easy to trust and feel safe, even if some people are not so familiar.


WTW Founding Member

Thank you for organizing the women retreat with such zeal and passion. I did not think about this issue in details until this workshop. This has broadened my mindset, and allowed me to review womanhood in light of our current experience, versus what we were originally created for. The retreat has put around a well structured pattern on this complex topic. Many will find it inspiring as this gives a pragmatic perspective to address various issues that women are facing.

Helen Wang

WTW Founding Member

Appreciate your determination and efforts to make the community go live and organized such a great retreat for two weekends. My value on life and myself have been reshaped and reinforced in some way from the topics you have discussed and the interactions with other sisters. Happy to be in this community and may it grow and thrive so as to influence women as many as possible.


WTW Founding Member

So blessed to have the opportunity to join the Women’s Transformational Weekend. The 12 hour journey was a great discovery of many common problems and solutions faced by women including myself. Many touching stories were shared and reminded me of God’s faithfulness in the peaks and valleys of our lives. We are confident that we can bring change to our lives; the Ten Quantum Shifts in Joyful Relating are some of the powerful tools I have learned. Thanks to Dr. Carmen for being a phenomenal Christian leader and having a heart to bring transformation to women in the world. I wish more women will also get a chance to experience this transformation.


WTW Founding Member

I found the women retreat really very good, very well structured and bring positive impact on me. I am very interested in joining this community and your next plan. Count me in please.


WTW Founding Member

期待已久Carmen老师的women’s retreat终于如愿以偿地作为首批学员体验到了!非常开心和感恩,最重要是短短两个半天,收获非常大!Carmen老师的课程内容一如既往的高品质,总是像一件精心雕琢的艺术品呈现给我们。 从外部环境趋势来说,看到当下女性意识觉醒的趋势,越来越多希望拥有独立、自由而丰盛生命的女性出现,这个项目的诞生好像就是应着时代需求应运而生的。 从课程角度来说,无论从课程内容的逻辑层次、传递的思想信息,让我们从自身经历,折射到周围更多关于女性的社会现实问题,引发了很多对于生命的深度反思、觉察和改变。而这些议题都是关乎女性至关重要的人生议题(认知、价值、生命意义等)。所以特别期待将来有更多姐妹能够体验到WTW的独特价值,这会是受益一生的宝藏!


WTW Founding Member



WTW Founding Member

非常感恩Carman老师举办Women retreat,这是一次非常奇特的聚会,主题层层相扣帮助女性认识自己,发现我们女性都有些类似的经历和感受,原来我们不是孤独的!!!当我们彼此分享和接纳时,对我们过往的伤害/伤痛起到了释放和医治的效果。 通过这个学习,我对自己作为女性更有自信,感到自己是多么的独特!!!我越来越明白自己的价值,不需要成为别人的附属品。享受跟姐妹们彼此的分享,真是甘甜!鼓励更多女性也来学习吧!

Jing Hu

WTW Founding Member

在兩天的women transformational retreat中,再次感受到Dr. Carmen的生命力,是一種“活出所信”的力量,特別令人嚮往。當女性解開層層束縛,恢復生命的本真、尊貴和完整,才是不枉過的人生。而奇妙的是,達至這一偉大藍圖的路程,卻是由每一個完完全全活在當下的瞬間構成。我相信自己會走在這路上,也希望更多的姐妹們一起同行。


WTW Founding Member

這個課程值得推廣,因為可以全面認識女性的特性,內容豐富,富啟發性,可以幫助女性有更多覺醒! 從認識到理解作為女性的自己,能如何自由、自信、喜樂地活出來;原來是有checklist可以幫助自己回到內心去面對真實的自己,還提供了轉化的路向,實在很寶貴。謝謝Dr.Carmen。


WTW Founding Member

WTW真的是超正,透過Dr. Carmen 的教導,可以把一些外界常常指責、提醒我的問題,不再是完全接受或是絕對反攻,返到實地勘查自己是如何想,使我能更勇敢面對自己、接納自己,從而不再逃避,反倒了解為何會這樣、自己內在發生什麼事,突破內在限制及外在因素,明白女人的價值及尊貴,使自己成為真正的強壯,而不是人前逞強,人生可以重新成為有目標、有方向的自己「處理好in,才可以out 。」 不但能幫到自己,更可以幫到更多人,能更加幫到現在所事奉的婦女及在教練別人時更多擴張空間,更大擴闊視野。


WTW Founding Member

一個既豐富又有啟發性的週末源於 Dr Carmen 的 Women’s Transformational Weekend. 從學習過程中去認識和探索自己,就像一個洋蔥一層一層由外到內看到自己的世界,當中活出自己不是因為在生活上扮演不同角色而是你就是活出真正的自己及凡事感恩、用平常心看事、以清靜心去愛、保持一個穩定的狀態活出一個豐盛和充實的生命尤為激勵。


WTW Founding Member



WTW Founding Member

參加这次retreat 本抱着可以跟一班女人谈谈女人经,同時期望通过这次旅程更新自己,在人生下半場活得更精彩。结果是喜出望外,得到的比预期的多。 Take away(外在的部分) - 其中一个环节是回顾自己的生命蓝图,在讨论过程中,让我被提醒服侍女性的重要性,從中学習到如何服侍女性的模板。生命影响生命,透过服侍,刺激每个女性成长的胃口,生命得以被转化;无论过往的經歷像電影一樣迂迴曲折或有多少的创伤,每个女人都是可以继续绽放她们生命的光芒。 Take Away (内在的部分) – 最大提醒是如何在工作中由stressed 变为desserts, 明白重心及不断提醒自己工作的角色和意义。 生命需要承傳,希望每个女性都可以成为影响别人生命的人。如圣经所说:交托那忠心能教导别人的人。(提后2:2) 谢谢Dr. Carmen身体力行来成为我们的模范和学习对象,通過是次饒富深意的學習,我相信我也可以成為更好的我和那祝福別人的人。

Yuk Ping

WTW Founding Member

兩個星期前的聚會, 過去了, 但影響是深遠的。 回顧過去,是一個人成長的第一步,看看自己做得對不對,好不好,然而下一步,是如何在那些似是雜亂無章的思緒中,找到做得好和做得對的方向和動力很重要,上帝悅納我們能明白祂創造我們的心意。在WTW的兩天聚會中,可以讓我集中回顧,給我一個框架和引導,在同樣有神形像的美善友伴中,坦然分享和接受建議,啟迪心靈,再次看到神造我們的每一個是如此漂亮,如此充滿能力,這份轉化不是必然的,尋索成長的,不要錯過這樣的盛宴。

The journey starts with a weekend... the impact lasts for a lifetime... *If you want to bring WTW to the women you care, please contact us to explore ways to make that happen.



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