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Women's Transformational Weekend

A 12-hour journey with fellow accomplished female leaders who have dreams and ideals and are willing to help others realize their true selves, explore relevant, crucial topics that are rarely given the opportunity to explore in depth. Here you can share freely and deeply in a relaxed environment. After this special weekend, you will not only be inspired, empowered but also be equipped with practical tools to enrich yourself and the community you serve.

Topics to Explore:

  • Her Story – Listen to each other’s life stories with curiosity and deep respect to experience true community which is sorely lacking in today’s digital world
  • Her Mind -- Understand the five levels of “knowing”, how women receive and process information, make independent judgments, be a woman who not only pay attention to beauty on the outside but also wisdom on the inside.
  • Her World – Transform honest questions into powerful forces by understanding women's unique experiences, both personal and collective
  • Her Worth – "A woman's biggest weakness is not knowing her strengths (and values)", do you agree? Knowing that many women's suffering stems from not knowing their own worth, we will look at this important subject in depth
  • Her Connection – Relationship could bring women tremendous joy and also immense sorrow. What are the keys to true happiness here?
  • Her State – How to experience the unshakable kingdom that is within us? How to be able to instantly shift our state from agitation to equanimity in a heartbeat?